ST_GDALDrivers — Returns a list of raster formats supported by PostGIS through GDAL. Only those formats with can_write=True can be used by ST_AsGDALRaster


setof record ST_GDALDrivers(integer OUT idx, text OUT short_name, text OUT long_name, text OUT can_read, text OUT can_write, text OUT create_options);


Returns a list of raster formats short_name,long_name and creator options of each format supported by GDAL. Use the short_name as input in the format parameter of ST_AsGDALRaster. Options vary depending on what drivers your libgdal was compiled with. create_options returns an xml formatted set of CreationOptionList/Option consisting of name and optional type, description and set of VALUE for each creator option for the specific driver.

Changed: 2.5.0 - add can_read and can_write columns.

Changed: 2.0.6, 2.1.3 - by default no drivers are enabled, unless GUC or Environment variable gdal_enabled_drivers is set.

Availability: 2.0.0 - requires GDAL >= 1.6.0.

Examples: List of Drivers

SET postgis.gdal_enabled_drivers = 'ENABLE_ALL';
SELECT short_name, long_name, can_write
FROM st_gdaldrivers()
ORDER BY short_name;

   short_name    |                          long_name                          | can_write
 AAIGrid         | Arc/Info ASCII Grid                                         | t
 ACE2            | ACE2                                                        | f
 ADRG            | ARC Digitized Raster Graphics                               | f
 AIG             | Arc/Info Binary Grid                                        | f
 AirSAR          | AirSAR Polarimetric Image                                   | f
 ARG             | Azavea Raster Grid format                                   | t
 BAG             | Bathymetry Attributed Grid                                  | f
 BIGGIF          | Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)                          | f
 BLX             | Magellan topo (.blx)                                        | t
 BMP             | MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap                        | f
 BSB             | Maptech BSB Nautical Charts                                 | f
 PAux            | PCI .aux Labelled                                           | f
 PCIDSK          | PCIDSK Database File                                        | f
 PCRaster        | PCRaster Raster File                                        | f
 PDF             | Geospatial PDF                                              | f
 PDS             | NASA Planetary Data System                                  | f
 PDS4            | NASA Planetary Data System 4                                | t
 PLMOSAIC        | Planet Labs Mosaics API                                     | f
 PLSCENES        | Planet Labs Scenes API                                      | f
 PNG             | Portable Network Graphics                                   | t
 PNM             | Portable Pixmap Format (netpbm)                             | f
 PRF             | Racurs PHOTOMOD PRF                                         | f
 R               | R Object Data Store                                         | t
 Rasterlite      | Rasterlite                                                  | t
 RDA             | DigitalGlobe Raster Data Access driver                      | f
 RIK             | Swedish Grid RIK (.rik)                                     | f
 RMF             | Raster Matrix Format                                        | f
 ROI_PAC         | ROI_PAC raster                                              | f
 RPFTOC          | Raster Product Format TOC format                            | f
 RRASTER         | R Raster                                                    | f
 RS2             | RadarSat 2 XML Product                                      | f
 RST             | Idrisi Raster A.1                                           | t
 SAFE            | Sentinel-1 SAR SAFE Product                                 | f
 SAGA            | SAGA GIS Binary Grid (.sdat, .sg-grd-z)                     | t
 SAR_CEOS        | CEOS SAR Image                                              | f
 SDTS            | SDTS Raster                                                 | f
 SENTINEL2       | Sentinel 2                                                  | f
 SGI             | SGI Image File Format 1.0                                   | f
 SNODAS          | Snow Data Assimilation System                               | f
 SRP             | Standard Raster Product (ASRP/USRP)                         | f
 SRTMHGT         | SRTMHGT File Format                                         | t
 Terragen        | Terragen heightfield                                        | f
 TIL             | EarthWatch .TIL                                             | f
 TSX             | TerraSAR-X Product                                          | f
 USGSDEM         | USGS Optional ASCII DEM (and CDED)                          | t
 VICAR           | MIPL VICAR file                                             | f
 VRT             | Virtual Raster                                              | t
 WCS             | OGC Web Coverage Service                                    | f
 WMS             | OGC Web Map Service                                         | t
 WMTS            | OGC Web Map Tile Service                                    | t
 XPM             | X11 PixMap Format                                           | t
 XYZ             | ASCII Gridded XYZ                                           | t
 ZMap            | ZMap Plus Grid                                              | t

Example: List of options for each driver

-- Output the create options XML column of JPEG as a table  --
-- Note you can use these creator options in ST_AsGDALRaster options argument
SELECT (xpath('@name', g.opt))[1]::text As oname,
       (xpath('@type', g.opt))[1]::text As otype,
       (xpath('@description', g.opt))[1]::text As descrip
FROM (SELECT unnest(xpath('/CreationOptionList/Option', create_options::xml)) As opt
FROM  st_gdaldrivers()
WHERE short_name = 'JPEG') As g;

       oname        |  otype  |      descrip
 PROGRESSIVE        | boolean | whether to generate a progressive JPEG
 QUALITY            | int     | good=100, bad=0, default=75
 WORLDFILE          | boolean | whether to geneate a worldfile
 INTERNAL_MASK      | boolean | whether to generate a validity mask
 COMMENT            | string  | Comment
 SOURCE_ICC_PROFILE | string  | ICC profile encoded in Base64
 EXIF_THUMBNAIL     | boolean | whether to generate an EXIF thumbnail(overview).
                                By default its max dimension will be 128
 THUMBNAIL_WIDTH    | int     | Forced thumbnail width
 THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT   | int     | Forced thumbnail height
(9 rows)
-- raw xml output for creator options for GeoTiff --
SELECT create_options
FROM st_gdaldrivers()
WHERE short_name = 'GTiff';

    <Option name="COMPRESS" type="string-select">
    <Option name="PREDICTOR" type="int" description="Predictor Type"/>
    <Option name="JPEG_QUALITY" type="int" description="JPEG quality 1-100" default="75"/>
    <Option name="ZLEVEL" type="int" description="DEFLATE compression level 1-9" default="6"/>
    <Option name="NBITS" type="int" description="BITS for sub-byte files (1-7), sub-uint16 (9-15), sub-uint32 (17-31)"/>
    <Option name="INTERLEAVE" type="string-select" default="PIXEL">
    <Option name="TILED" type="boolean" description="Switch to tiled format"/>
    <Option name="TFW" type="boolean" description="Write out world file"/>
    <Option name="RPB" type="boolean" description="Write out .RPB (RPC) file"/>
    <Option name="BLOCKXSIZE" type="int" description="Tile Width"/>
    <Option name="BLOCKYSIZE" type="int" description="Tile/Strip Height"/>
    <Option name="PHOTOMETRIC" type="string-select">
    <Option name="SPARSE_OK" type="boolean" description="Can newly created files have missing blocks?" default="FALSE"/>
    <Option name="ALPHA" type="boolean" description="Mark first extrasample as being alpha"/>
    <Option name="PROFILE" type="string-select" default="GDALGeoTIFF">
    <Option name="PIXELTYPE" type="string-select">
    <Option name="BIGTIFF" type="string-select" description="Force creation of BigTIFF file">
    <Option name="ENDIANNESS" type="string-select" default="NATIVE" description="Force endianness of created file. For DEBUG purpose mostly">
    <Option name="COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS" type="boolean" default="NO" description="Force copy of overviews of source dataset (CreateCopy())"/>

-- Output the create options XML column for GTiff as a table  --
SELECT (xpath('@name', g.opt))[1]::text As oname,
       (xpath('@type', g.opt))[1]::text As otype,
       (xpath('@description', g.opt))[1]::text As descrip,
       array_to_string(xpath('Value/text()', g.opt),', ') As vals
FROM (SELECT unnest(xpath('/CreationOptionList/Option', create_options::xml)) As opt
FROM  st_gdaldrivers()
WHERE short_name = 'GTiff') As g;

       oname        |     otype     |                               descrip                                |                                   vals
 COMPRESS           | string-select |                                                                      | NONE, LZW, PACKBITS, JPEG, CCITTRLE, CCITTFAX3, CCITTFAX4, DEFLATE
 PREDICTOR          | int           | Predictor Type                                                       |
 JPEG_QUALITY       | int           | JPEG quality 1-100                                                   |
 ZLEVEL             | int           | DEFLATE compression level 1-9                                        |
 NBITS              | int           | BITS for sub-byte files (1-7), sub-uint16 (9-15), sub-uint32 (17-31) |
 INTERLEAVE         | string-select |                                                                      | BAND, PIXEL
 TILED              | boolean       | Switch to tiled format                                               |
 TFW                | boolean       | Write out world file                                                 |
 RPB                | boolean       | Write out .RPB (RPC) file                                            |
 BLOCKXSIZE         | int           | Tile Width                                                           |
 BLOCKYSIZE         | int           | Tile/Strip Height                                                    |
 PHOTOMETRIC        | string-select |                                                                      | MINISBLACK, MINISWHITE, PALETTE, RGB, CMYK, YCBCR, CIELAB, ICCLAB, ITULAB
 SPARSE_OK          | boolean       | Can newly created files have missing blocks?                         |
 ALPHA              | boolean       | Mark first extrasample as being alpha                                |
 PROFILE            | string-select |                                                                      | GDALGeoTIFF, GeoTIFF, BASELINE
 PIXELTYPE          | string-select |                                                                      | DEFAULT, SIGNEDBYTE
 BIGTIFF            | string-select | Force creation of BigTIFF file                                       | YES, NO, IF_NEEDED, IF_SAFER
 ENDIANNESS         | string-select | Force endianness of created file. For DEBUG purpose mostly           | NATIVE, INVERTED, LITTLE, BIG
 COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS | boolean       | Force copy of overviews of source dataset (CreateCopy())             |
(19 rows)

See Also

ST_AsGDALRaster, ST_SRID, postgis.gdal_enabled_drivers