Appendix A. Appendix

Release Notes

Table of Contents
A.1. PostGIS 3.4.2
A.2. PostGIS 3.4.1
A.3. PostGIS 3.4.0

A.1. PostGIS 3.4.2


This version requires PostgreSQL 12-16, GEOS 3.6 or higher, and Proj 6.1+. To take advantage of all features, GEOS 3.12+ is needed. To take advantage of all SFCGAL featurs, SFCGAL 1.4.1+ is needed.

NOTE: GEOS 3.12.1 details at GEOS 3.12.1 release notes

Bug Fixes

5633, Fix load, upgrade and usage with standard_conforming_strings set to off (Sandro Santilli, Regina Obe)

5571, Memory over-allocation for narrow inputs (Paul Ramsey)

5610, Allow Nan and infinity again in ST_SetPoint (Regina Obe)

5627, Handling of EMPTY components in PiP check (Paul Ramsey)

5629, Handling EMPTY components in repeated point removal (Paul Ramsey)

5604, Handle distance between collections with empty elements (Paul Ramsey)

5635, Handle NaN points in ST_Split (Regina Obe)

5648, postgis_raster upgrade fails on PG16 (Ronan Dunklau)

5646, Crash on collections with empty members (Paul Ramsey)

5580, Handle empty collection components in 3d distance (Paul Ramsey)

5639, ST_DFullyWithin line/poly error case (Paul Ramsey)

5662, Change XML parsers to SAX2 (Paul Ramsey)

A.2. PostGIS 3.4.1


NOTE: GEOS 3.12.1 details at GEOS 3.12.1 release notes

Bug Fixes

5541, Fix --without-gui configure switch (Chris Mayo)

5558, Fix uninitialized variable in ST_AsMVTGeom (Sandro Santilli)

5590, Fix script-based load of topology.sql (Sandro Santilli)

5574, #5575, #5576, #5577, #5578, #5579, #5569 Fix restore of postgis dumps since 2.1 (Sandro Santilli)

5568, Improve robustness of topology face split handling (Sandro Santilli)

5548, Fix box-filtered validity check of topologies with edge-less faces (Sandro Santilli)

5485, Fix postgis script on OpenBSD (Sandro Santilli)

5516, Fix upgrade with views using deprecated function, among which: ST_AddBand (#5509), ST_AsGeoJSON (#5523) ST_AsKML (#5524) ST_Aspect (#5491), ST_BandIsNoData (#5510), ST_BandMetadata (#5502), ST_BandNoDataValue (#5503), ST_BandPath (#5511), ST_BandPixelType (#5512), ST_Clip (#5488), ST_Count (#5517), ST_GeoReference (#5514), ST_Intersects(raster, ...) (#5489), ST_LineCrossingDirection (#5518) ST_MakeEmptyRaster (#5508), ST_MapAlgebraFCT (#5500), ST_Polygon(raster, ...) (#5507), ST_SetBandIsNoData (#5505), ST_SetBandNoDataValue (#5506), ST_SetGeoreference (#5504), ST_SetValue (#5519), ST_Slope (#5490), ST_SummaryStats (#5515), ST_TileEnvelope (#5499) ST_Value (#5513, #5484), toTopoGeom (#5526). (Sandro Santilli)

5494, Fix double-upgrade with view using st_dwithin(text, ...) (Sandro Santilli)

5479, postgis_full_version() and postgis_gdal_version() sometimes warn of deprecated SRID: 2163 (Regina Obe)

Include elevation in output of ST_Contour when in polygonal mode (Paul Ramsey)

5482, New Proj output is only available for proj 7.1+ (Regina Obe)

Fix JsonB casting issue (Paul Ramsey)

5535, Cleanup String handling in debug_standardize_address and standardize_address (Regina Obe)

5605, Fix regression failure with GEOS 3.13, main branch (Regina Obe)

5603, [postgis_tiger_geocoder] Change to load 2023 Census Tiger/Line (Regina Obe)

5525, [postgis_tiger_geocoder],[postgis_topology] Regression failure when installed by non-superuser (Regina Obe, Sandro Santilli)

5581, ST_Project(geometry, float, float) is using longitudes as latitudes (Regina obe)


5492, Have postgis script report presence of deprecated functions (Sandro Santilli)

5493, Always try to drop deprecated function on upgrade (Sandro Santilli)

A.3. PostGIS 3.4.0


This version requires PostgreSQL 12-16, GEOS 3.6 or higher, and Proj 6.1+. To take advantage of all features, GEOS 3.12+ is needed. To take advantage of all SFCGAL featurs, SFCGAL 1.4.1+ is needed.

NOTE: GEOS 3.12.0 details at GEOS 3.12.0 release notes

Many thanks to our translation teams, in particular:

Teramoto Ikuhiro (Japanese Team)

Vincent Bre (French Team)

There are 2 new ./configure switches:

  • --disable-extension-upgrades-install, will skip installing all the extension upgrade scripts except for the ANY--currentversion. If you use this, you can install select upgrades using the postgis commandline tool

  • --without-pgconfig, will build just the commandline tools raster2pgsql and shp2pgsql even if PostgreSQL is not installed

New features

5055, complete manual internationalization (Sandro Santilli)

5052, target version support in postgis_extensions_upgrade (Sandro Santilli)

5306, expose version of GEOS at compile time (Sandro Santilli)

New install-extension-upgrades command in postgis script (Sandro Santilli)

5257, 5261, 5277, Support changes for PostgreSQL 16 (Regina Obe)

5006, 705, ST_Transform: Support PROJ pipelines (Robert Coup, Koordinates)

5283, [postgis_topology] RenameTopology (Sandro Santilli)

5286, [postgis_topology] RenameTopoGeometryColumn (Sandro Santilli)

703, [postgis_raster] Add min/max resampling as options (Christian Schroeder)

5336, [postgis_topology] topogeometry cast to topoelement support (Regina Obe)

Allow singleton geometry to be inserted into Geometry(Multi*) columns (Paul Ramsey)

721, New window-based ST_ClusterWithinWin and ST_ClusterIntersectingWin (Paul Ramsey)

5397, [address_standardizer] debug_standardize_address function (Regina Obe)

5373ST_LargestEmptyCircle, exposes extra semantics on circle finding. Geos 3.9+ required(Martin Davis)

5267, ST_Project signature for geometry, and two-point signature (Paul Ramsey)

5267, ST_LineExtend for extending linestrings (Paul Ramsey)

New coverage functions ST_CoverageInvalidEdges, ST_CoverageSimplify, ST_CoverageUnion (Paul Ramsey)


5194, do not update system catalogs from postgis_extensions_upgrade (Sandro Santilli)

5092, reduce number of upgrade paths installed on system (Sandro Santilli)

635, honour --bindir (and --prefix) configure switch for executables (Sandro Santilli)

Honour --mandir (and --prefix) configure switch for man pages install path (Sandro Santilli)

Honour --htmldir (and --docdir and --prefix) configure switch for html pages install path (Sandro Santilli)

5447 Manual pages added for postgis and postgis_restore utilities (Sandro Santilli)

[postgis_topology] Speed up check of topology faces without edges (Sandro Santilli)

[postgis_topology] Speed up coincident nodes check in topology validation (Sandro Santilli)

718, ST_QuantizeCoordinates(): speed-up implementation (Even Rouault)

Repair spatial planner stats to use computed selectivity for contains/within queries (Paul Ramsey)

734, Additional metadata on Proj installation in postgis_proj_version (Paul Ramsey)

5177, Allow building tools without PostgreSQL server headers. Respect prefix/bin for tools install (Sandro Santilli)

ST_Project signature for geometry, and two-point signature (Paul Ramsey)

4913, ST_AsSVG support for curve types CircularString, CompoundCurve, MultiCurve, and MultiSurface (Regina Obe)

5266, ST_ClosestPoint, ST_ShortestLine, ST_LineSubString support for geography type (MobilityDB Esteban Zimanyi, Maxime Schoemans, Paul Ramsey)

Breaking Changes

5229, Drop support for Proj < 6.1 and PG 11 (Regina Obe)

5306, 734, postgis_full_version() and postgis_proj_version() now output more information about proj network configuration and data paths. GEOS compile-time version also shown if different from run-time (Paul Ramsey, Sandro Santilli)

5447, renamed to postgis_restore (Sandro Santilli)

Utilities now installed in OS bin or user specified --bindir and --prefix instead of postgresql bin and extension stripped except on windows (postgis, postgis_restore, shp2pgsql, raster2pgsql, pgsql2shp, pgtopo_import, pgtopo_export)