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Bug Reporting

Steps to Report a Bug

  • Stop, and consider if you have actually found a defect, or if you simply have a question you need answered. If you have a question:

  • Otherwise, sign in to the PostGIS ticket tracker with your OSGeo userid.

  • Search to find if your problem has already been reported.

    • Add any extra context you might have found, or at least indicate that you too are having the problem. This will help us prioritize common issues.
  • Simplify your issue, to make it very very easy for others to reproduce it.

    • The best reports are just a single line of SQL that demonstrates the problem.
    • If another person cannot easily replicate your issue, it will likely not get addressed.
  • Test your issue, if you can, across other versions of PostGIS.

    • Do newer versions also have the issue?
    • Do older versions?
  • Create a new ticket for your issue.

    • Include your steps and SQL to reproduce the issue.
    • Include your version information:
      SELECT version();
      SELECT postgis_full_version();

Security Issues

If you have discovered a security issue that should not be recorded in the public ticket track please do the following: